Royce Reed Calls Police on Dwight Howard over Daycare Incident


All had been quiet on the Dwight Howard and Royce Reed front for most of the summer (thank Lebron).  I thought Royce actually helped her public perception by appearing on Basketball Wives (didn’t know it was possible).

Alas all the good feelings couldn’t last forever as TMZ uncovered a Daycare incident between Superman and Smurfette. Here are the details:

It all went down on August 26 when Howard — who is in an ongoing custody war with baby mama Royce Reed — went to pick up their 2-year-old son. Reed, we’re told, flipped out and called the cops because she claimed the custody agreement didn’t give Howard the right to pick the child up that day.

Reed showed up at the day care center for a showdown, but Howard had already left with the kid.

The cops called Howard … and the NBA star explained he and his ex made a new agreement … giving him the right to cart his kid away that day. But … after speaking with lawyers from both sides, the cops handed down their verdict — a new custody agreement was discussed but never signed.

The cops ordered Howard to return the child to the day care center, stat. Howard’s nanny — the Henry Kissinger character — took the boy back to school and Reed took him home.

In this particular situation I am going to side with Howard. It isn’t like Dwight can flee the country on anything, so i don’t think there was any need to call the police.

Just sounds like miscommunication which happens a lot when you have two parents living apart.

You don’t want cops showing up at Daycare and people houses if it isn’t necessary that can scar a kid for life.

Just do what normal people do, make a phone call and work it out.

Life isn’t always a reality show.


  1. who the hell is this girl anyways,and how old is she ,howad must have been messing around with teenagers huh,besides if you say she was on basketball wife,how is that basketball if she wasn;t married to any basketball player.

  2. ohh shyt its the slut that was popping it for T.O and Ludecris hahahahaha,she's about 6yrs older than howard,r u kidding me,this bitch is 30yrs old,older than i am wtf. but she's acting like a teenager,ohh well howard,don't know why u was dating you auntie anyways lol

  3. With the foolishness that’s been going on b/t them. I doubt that a simple phone call to Howard would have solved this. Especially since he was under the impression that he signed an agreement stating he was able to pick the child up. We don’t know what’s going on in the bkgrd. We don’t know if Howard has threatened her with taking full custody before. We don’t know anything. I can imagine how she felt to show up and her son not be there. I think calling the police and having that third party actually eased the situation. I mean I’m sure they didn’t send the damn swat team out to handle it. Its unfortunate, but in some relationships a 3rd party is necessary to keep the name calling, threats and other belligerence from ensuing. Overall, we really shouldn’t care b/c its not us. *sidebar: and calling ppl out of their name is a bit harsh, esp if you don’t know or had any contact with the person. But that’s just my opinion and everyone is entitled to their own.

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