Rumor: Jerry Jones To Fire Wade Phillips On Monday and Hire Bill Cowher

You know how Staples has an “EASY BUTTON”, I am starting to think that NFL organizations have a “PANIC BUTTON” next to their 1872736 billion dollar stadiums.

My personal belief is that this rumor win or lose the Cowboys are going to fire Wade Phillips is untrue, but I wouldn’t be shocked if it happened.  Just look around the NFL, in two weeks teams are changing quarterbacks like Kat Stacks changes partners.

Andy Reid went from:

“Kevin Kolb will be our starting quarterback for the next 10 years.”


“Kevin Kolb can learn some things by sitting on the bench.”

The rumor about Jones firing Wade comes from here is what they have to say:

Word now comes from two great sources close to the organization that Jones is gauging interest from a few former NFL head coaches currently working on TV networks.  CBS in-studio analyst Bill Cowher is Jones number one choice to replace Phillips.  His second choice is NFL Network/Fox analyst Brian Billick.  Both Cowher and Billick have Super Bowl rings, something Jones really wants to have when it comes to who will be leading his struggling team.

I am told that if the Cowboys lose to the Houston Texans on Sunday that Jones won’t hesitate in firing Phillips.  Two other possible candidates that have surfaced are Marty Schottenheimer and Steve Mariucci.

The report from also mentions former Cowboys coach Jimmy Johnson as a candidate (maybe they can add Vince Lombardi to the list).

I don’t think the problem with the Cowboys is Wade Phillips I think it is Jerry Jones and since Jones won’t fire himself I doubt a coaching change will make a difference. The Cowboys are a talented team, but a disorganized one and that starts at the ownership level.

Jones is very good at making money, not so much at personnel decisions. Plus he is so hands on that it is difficult for any coach to succeed in that environment.

You almost get the feeling that Wade wouldn’t mind being fired, take the money that is owed to him and go fishing somewhere, I know that is how I would feel working for Jones.

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  • he keeps forgetting that Jimmy got him 2 by telling him to chill and then he one the other one because of jimmy's players…that was the last time he really was not touching too much

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