Rumor: Kim Kardashian and Dallas Cowboys WR Miles Austin Split

Awwww, Cowboys fans, I really had hopes you would make it to the Super Bowl this year. Lots of talent on both sides of the ball, the Super Bowl is in Dallas at Jerryworld(Cowboys Stadium), and the most important factor….you had someone on your roster dating a Kardashian. Well, according to, your hopes are dashed.

Thats right, according to Radar, Miles and Kim are ‘taking a break’ from each other. Sources say that the couple broke up about a week ago, before Kim left for her trip to Europe.

Maybe the Cowboys were distraught for Miles which lead to such bad play by the Cowboys against the Redskins last Sunday.

Keep your head up Cowboys fans, there is plenty of season left for them to get back together. Hey, Kim and Reggie ‘broke up to make up’ plenty of times during their relationship.

Something tells me this woman may end up like Halle Berry, very beautiful but for some reason, can’t keep a man.

So lets take a look back at the couple that was:

This is the point you can pour out a lil of your 40 oz. if you like….

9 thoughts on “Rumor: Kim Kardashian and Dallas Cowboys WR Miles Austin Split

  • Beautiful? what exactly does that word mean? Does it mean injecting your face with botox? or butt injections and boob jobs? Are we talking about that beautiful? Because if we are then you're right she is beautiful, but if we were talking about beautiful meaning being naturally beautiful and being comfortable in your own skin then you can't put that word and Kim Kadarshian in the same sentence. Obviously the girl is very insecure about herself and feels that she needs a man to keep her going. Thoughts like these make the younger generation doubt themselves.

    • I totally understand what you're saying about the additions, but I do think that before all of that she's very pretty naturally…

      • yes she was a beautiful girl but also a classic example of beauty and no brains. the chile needs Jesus. Her self esteem seems to be really low and she seems to be a bit out of touch with what is real and what is not. Just like Halle Berry, always looking for a man to complete her.

  • I know Miles Austin is molato but what race is Kardashian? Is she African american or european?

  • Armenian, that's what her dad was…i think her mom is just plain ol' white…

  • Kim will be hookin up with Tony Romo next!!

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