Rumor: Lebron James Engaged Now To Girlfriend Savannah Brinson


In the Book of Nohology we aren’t against marriage, we are pro marriage, if you are marrying the right young lady. You want a woman who is going to upgrade you, not hold you down.

Marriage though is a like a contract negotiation, so if this is true that the King of South Beach has pop the question to the mother of his children Savannah Brinson (according to Black Media Scoop), I hope he has done the following:

  • Didn’t call Tiger Woods for advice.
  • Knows not to leave any voicemails.
  • Destroy any sex tapes.
  • Gets a Pre-nup tighter than the Virgin Mary.
  • Erasing Kat Stacks number from his Iphone.
  • Makes sure Mo Williams doesn’t know his home address.

As long as he does those things, I wish them well if this is true. Savannah seems like a keeper.

If he consults Michael Jordan he can learn how to keep a wife and still be able to Broho all over the country.

He has to remember though this is 2010 not 1993 an any scandal involving Lebron is big money business, so just be careful Bron Bron.

Don’t be the next contestant on the “Tiger Woods Press Conference” show.