Shaq on “Moist” Mo Williams: “Why Was He Taking 15 Shot and I Was Taking 4?”

Poor Mo Williams he has been a punching bag for the entire off season.

I can understand why he is a bit emotional (not really) considering everyone has been making fun of him. The latest to drop the “professional ether” on Mo is the Big Leprechaun Shaquille O’Neal.  In explaining on why he wanted to go to the Celtics, Shaq dropped this jewel:

“‘I like that they (Celtics) play together and nobody really worries about shots,’ O’Neal said. ‘When I was with Cleveland, guys who couldn’t even play were worried about shots. Why was Mo (Williams) taking 15 shots, and I’m only taking four? If LeBron takes 20 shots, that’s cool. So I said, let me get with a good team for the last two years. I don’t mind people calling me a journeyman. I’ve been programmed to move around every three years.’”

Shaq like a lot of players when they are at the tail end of their careers have a higher opinion of himself than he should. Four shots sounds about right for Shaq and in regards to Mo Williams taking fifteen it wasn’t like the Cavs had James Worthy or anything as a #2 option, so Williams didn’t have much of a choice.

Mo maybe moist, but no one ever said he was a bad teammate and the same can’t be said about Shaq. So this is a pot calling the kettle black type of situation.

Kicking a man while he is down is not a good look on Shaq’s part considering his play has not been at a high level for a few years.

The good news at least Shaq didn’t take it to twitter.

8 thoughts on “Shaq on “Moist” Mo Williams: “Why Was He Taking 15 Shot and I Was Taking 4?”

  • the diesel was right. Mo is a bum & shaq should have had more touches. Because that sell out, uncle tom Lebron still has yet to develop a back to the basket game, shaq was the only low post threat the cavs had. dumb mike brown thought they could let lebron dribble on the perimeter for 20 seconds each possession & win a title that way, but you need a threat in the paint.

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