The Current Top 30 NBA Salaries .. Future Basketball Wives Mount Up

No question I am a NFL guy, but lets be honest their contracts favor the owners for the most part (unless you are Jamarcus Russell).  The NBA (and the MLB) on the other hand are definitely in favor of the players.

If you have sons work on their crossover (unless they can play Quarterback or Corner Back).

The official salaries of the 2010-11 season are out and a lot of the players that make the list are the reason that the NBA could be headed for a lockout (they are talking about instituting a franchise tag).

As I stated never blame the player for being “overpaid”, you are worth what they offer you.  That goes for professional sports or McDonald’s.

With that being said you can say some of organizations are looking at this list with this expression on their faces:

Rashard Lewis at 20 million, Michael Redd 18 million or my personal favorite Half Hurt/Half Amazing Vince Carter at 17 million.  And lets not forget NBA contracts are fully guaranteed.  Here is the entire list.

  1. Kobe Bryant LA Lakers  $24,806,250
  2. Rashard Lewis Orlando $20,514,000
  3. Kevin Garnett Boston $18,800,000
  4. Tim Duncan San Antonio  $18,700,000
  5. Michael Redd Milwaukee  $18,300,000
  6. Pau Gasol LA Lakers $17,822,187
  7. Andrei Kirilenko Utah  $17,822,187
  8. Yao Ming Houston  $17,686,100
  9. Gilbert Arenas Washington  $17,730,694
  10. Dirk Nowitzki Dallas $17,300,000
  11. Vince Carter Orlando $17,300,000
  12. Zach Randolph Memphis $17,333,333
  13. Carmelo Anthony Denver $17,149,243
  14. Amare Stoudemire New York $16,800,000
  15. Dwight Howard Orlando $16,509,600
  16. Joe Johnson Atlanta $16,324,500
  17. Kenyon Martin Denver $15,959,099
  18. Elton Brand Philadelphia $15,959,099
  19. Predrag Stojakovic New Orleans $15,336,000
  20. Chris Paul New Orleans $14,940,152
  21. Deron Williams Utah $14,940,152
  22. LeBron James Miami $14,500,000
  23. Chris Bosh Miami $14,500,000
  24. Jason Richardson Phoenix $14,444,444
  25. Carlos Boozer Chicago $14,400,000
  26. Dwyane Wade Miami $14,000,000
  27. Paul Pierce Boston $13,876,321
  28. Andrew Bynum LA Lakers $13,842,332
  29. Brandon Roy Portland $13,520,500
  30. Tony Parker San Antonio $13,500,000

The good news is now all the future NBA wives is have a baseline of what to shoot (get it “shoot for”) for in 2011. Good luck.