The NFL Finest Man Competition Hosted By VH1’s Ivory Tabb

Ladies of Black Sports On Line, you asked for it and now we are going to give it to you. The NFL’s Finest Man Competition. Every week we are going to put players from each team up against each other to see who you think can carry the title of the NFL’s Finest Man. After all the votes are in each week we will have a winner.

We will do this challenge once a week. During the playoffs we will put the weekly winners up against each other, so finally heading into the Super Bowl we be able to crown a winner. Each week come see the new pictures of a new guy from a new team. Also if you have any nominations of a player, please send over his name so we can get him in the challenge.

This contest will be ran by by me your special guest writer, TV’s Newest IT Girl and star of the vh1 hit reality tv show “I want to work for Diddy 2” Ivory Tabb. So follow her on twitter @IvoryTabb where you can send her your nominations.

May the Finest man win!

5 thoughts on “The NFL Finest Man Competition Hosted By VH1’s Ivory Tabb

  • about time there's something for the ladies, I'm excited

  • Wow. I cant believe you are having event like this. Everyone was crying when the jets players was catcalling ines.. but its ok for women to do it… don't cry foul when you are doing the same thing….lol

    you just proved that women does the smae thing when a man sees a beautiful girl.. Ines is fine and havean ass for days.. its natural for someone to give her a catcall.

    • I assume you haven't seen the BSO Model of the Week…I am pro sexy ladies, so it is fair I throw the ladies a bone

      • you are not making sense robert. in the ines artilcle you said women should be taking serious, but now you are talking about models of the week on your site, look at your comment " i am pro sexy ladies"., but you bashed the jets for doing what u just did.. you just don't make sense brah…lol

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