Tim Tebow Has Arrived On Twitter..PRAISE THE .. *wait*

One thing you need to know right off the bat:


I want to give Tebow some twitter advice, because I don’t want him to get caught up in a scandal.

#1 rule, when you are sending a DM, make sure you don’t accidently send it as a public tweet.

We don’t want to have a Ray Allen situation.

If you see @ihatekatstacks in your timeline immediately block her from your page.

Also if for some reason you get liqured up on wine and start saying crazy things like 50 Cent, just say your account was hacked.

We call that “Carmelostyling”.

If a woman just has a “face” picture she is probably very husky.

If a woman just have a body picture with no face she  probably looks like “Sam Cassell”.

If a woman has no pic then she is Precious.

That should get your started Timmy, enjoy your stay on twitter.

God bless you.

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