Titans WR Kenny Britt vs. Baby Momma Kayla C..Facebook Wars!!!

Shouldn’t Kenny be in a meeting, playing PS3 or talking to Vince Young about stealing Reggie Bush’s Heisman?

Why in the world is he airing his personal business with the mother of his son Kayla on Facebook?

This is a lose/lose situation.

Yes Britt is a high draft choice, but if he doesn’t start to producing he will have a lot of time to be on Facebook.

I think you know by now what I am going to say.


6 thoughts on “Titans WR Kenny Britt vs. Baby Momma Kayla C..Facebook Wars!!!

  • Man, i am hoping that he thought that it was private and part of a chat. Otherwise, he's just retarded.

    • I think it is the latter

  • This is another example of moist behavior. Shouldn't this be personal and not for public consumption? I guess there is nothing that can be done behind closed doors anymore in sports. Britt does need to worry about validating his 1st round draft status. Sports is becoming more and more reality TV. Nothing held back. It is just another form of entertainment.

    • Secretly these guys love the drama

  • For once I'm speechless… This guy is seriously an idiot.

    @Abdul lol @ "moist behavior". You know that's not your word.

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