Tom Brady Involved in a Car Accident

The news no sports fan wants to hear, a player involved in an accident. This is not any player either. Its Tom Brady. Reports are following in with conflicting reports. PFT has reports via WEEI.

“WEEI radio in Boston reports that Brady was involving in an automobile accident in Boston on Thursday.  Brady reportedly was “shaken,” and the jaws of life reportedly were used to free the driver of another vehicle.

Another source told WEEI that Brady went to a local hospital, but WEEI is now reporting that Brady did not go to the hospital.  WEEI also reports that Brady has contacted the Patriots and will be heading to the team’s facility.

Per WEEI, Brady’s Audi apparently struck a Ford minivan.  Though the Audi reportedly had significant front-end damage, Brady reportedly was out of the car and walking around after the accident.”

Wow…The driver of the minivan is reportedly in hospital right now in serious condition, as for Brady, it seems he is ok but we just don’t know. Bill Belichick/Pats are notorious for being secretive about injuries so we may not know full scope of injury for awhile. Of course this has reverberations throughout the league. If Tom can’t play, especially while in same division as Jets, might not bode well for playoff chances. Don’t know if they can work magic with back-up like Cassell again. Of course, fantasy world is on pins and needles for news. This can make break season similar to when he went down a couple of years ago.

Here are more pics of accident, i’ve seen worse but nevertheless, you never know…

Pics via screengrabs from
Stay tuned for updates….

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