Tom Brady on Randy Moss: We Want Him Here in 2011

Randy Moss’ timing of his rant against the media wasn’t the best but I still contend it is being blown way out of proportion:

(video: Randy Moss rant)

I don’t think the Patriots are concerned at all and Tom Brady said as much today:

Brady made it clear that he’d like to have Moss back next season.

“I told (Moss) the way I felt,” Brady said. “I mean, I’m telling you, every quarterback in the league would want him on their team. He’s a great player, he’s a dominant player.”

Brady suggested that Moss doesn’t demand star treatment and understands his place in the organization.

“I think there’s times when he’s got a good matchup, and he wants the ball and he needs the ball, that he expects it,” Brady said. “But at the same time, he knows that if there’s two guys on him or three guys on him … he’s OK with it going the other way. He’s like anybody. Any good player wants the ball.”

Randy Moss will have these episodes from time to time, but he has been in the league for 13 years he isn’t going to change and for the most part his years with the Patriots have been civil.

Not like he shot himself in the leg or anything.

The Bias mainstream media needs to relax, have a Capri Sun and stop using high profile receivers to create stories that aren’t really there.

The real story is Tom Brady’s hair, but I digress.

One thought on “Tom Brady on Randy Moss: We Want Him Here in 2011

  • If I recall correctly, Moss's first season with the Pats – when every talking head was predicting a disaster – he and Brady worked so well together the two of them smashed most of the passing and receiving records on the books. Nobody in New England wants to see him going anywhere… except downfield for the reception of course.

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