Unusual Statistic: Jets Cornerback Antonio Cromartie vs. BYU Married Players..You Won’t Believe This

Gregg Doyel from CBS Sports is a great person to follow on twitter, he  has these unusual statistic that you would never think of and this might be the best one.

Jets Cornerback Antonio Cromartie has more kids than the 31 married players on the BYU  football team.

Shockingly I am more surprised that BYU has 31 married players on their squad. I know they are Mormons and I assume that is the Mormon way to get shacked up at an early age.

Actually please hold while I Google.

Listen to some mood music while I check on this:

So here is some info I found from College Prowler:

Dating is one of BYU’s campus pastimes. A lot of people get married while at BYU, although by no means is this group the majority.

The Student Health Center offers birth control to married couples (or to couples soon to be married), which ranges in price from $12 to $40. The morning-after pill is not available.

Although most students seem to be cut from the same mold (white, Utah, LDS), this is not a bad thing, since the majority are very upstanding, ambitious, and just plain nice.

It appears while it isn’t unusual, you don’t have to get married, but if you get pregnant while you aren’t married, don’t expect the University to help you out. Most students go on a Mormon mission for six months to two years, so if you want to lock a young woman down you better do it soon or it could be slim pickings when you return.

Wonder how freaky are Mormon women? The Big Love women were freaky weren’t they? Were they all Mormons? I didn’t watch a lot of the show. You can have like 17 wives if you live in Utah correct?

By the way Cromartie went to Florida State, I would be curious to know:

A- How many kids on Flordia State are married.

B- How many out of wedlock kids does the Florida State team have.

If I ever find out Bobby Bowden was giving out the morning after pill during Bowl Week, I am going straight to ESPN offices and demand to be on SportsCenter.

8 thoughts on “Unusual Statistic: Jets Cornerback Antonio Cromartie vs. BYU Married Players..You Won’t Believe This

  • Most seniors on BYU are like 25 or 26. Still seems a little weird over half the college football team is married…that's gotta kill the mood at those late night parties.

  • Hey Robert please make sure and do thorough research before writing articles. The women on Big Love are members of a break-off of the LDS Church aka Mormons, and are not Mormons. Polygamy is illegal in Utah, so no you can't have 17 wives.

  • Robert you continue to prove you have no clue! You article is filled with incorrect information and is typical Morman bashing at its finest. Why dont u stick with what u prob know best :purple drank and swap meet bling. Fuk u and and your hack blog

  • I know this really is really dull and you? The idea is just missing toward another remark, however I simply wished to toss you a big many thanks ??

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