Vernon Gholston on if Braylon Edwards was Drunk: “To my Knowledge, No”


Gholston was one of the passengers in the vehicle with Braylon Edwards when he was pulled over and charged with DUI.

Gholston didn’t think Edwards was drunk, so he had no reservations about getting in the car with him.

I think people don’t have an understand of what being impaired by alcohol is all about.  Most people associate drunk with “sloppy drunk”, falling all over yourself, throwing up, wobbling when you walk, talking extremely loud for no reason and stuff like that.  Watch any episode of Jersey Shore to get a clear example of what sloppy drunk means.

Nothing I have heard suggests that Edwards was drunk like that, the term that should be used is “buzzed”.  Any time you consume any alcohol it starts to mess with your head a little bit.  After ten drinks even if on the surface you are looking ok, internally there are things going you can’t control.

So while Braylon Edwards wasn’t drunk enough to punch Sookie, he obviously had enough drinks to be impaired in the eyes of the law.

Here is what Gholston had to say about the night:

The only defense Gholston offered for allowing Edwards to drive was that the Jets defensive end didn’t think Edwards was intoxicated, even though Edwards’ alcohol level turned out to be 0.16 — twice the legal limit in New York.

Asked if he thought Edwards was impaired, Gholston said: “To my knowledge, no.”

Because of that, Gholston said neither he nor fellow passenger D’Brickashaw Ferguson thought to commandeer the wheel from Edwards.

There is one thing I do have knowledge of, it is unlikely either Gholston or Edwards will be Jets next year,


  1. "…same way I don’t have any interest in any of the Real Housewives, Jersey Shore or any reality show on BET"

    "…Watch any episode of Jersey Shore to get a clear example of what sloppy drunk means"
    "…Braylon Edwards wasn’t drunk enough to punch Sookie"

    looks like you do have alot of interest in Jersey Shore

    • you can say what you want about braylon he was the best wr that came outta michigan of course im from mich and i watch every mich game but i think he is the best wr on the jets thats ok i hope the jets do let him go then he can come to detroit him and calvin johnson would be the dynamic duo so i hope thay do let him go we coluld use vernon gholston too not to many teams wouldent take them?

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