VH1 Debuting Football Wives October 24th..Staring Pilar Sanders

I watched one episode of Basketball Wives and after that I had zero interest at all, same way I don’t have any interest in any of the Real Housewives, Jersey Shore or any reality show on BET.

I am sports dude and a nerd.

I like watching Mike Tomlin on House and Forensic Files.  I am more likely to be watching a “Snapped” Marathon than The T.O. Show.

But I definitely will be watching the Football Wives religiously every week for one reason and one reason only:


That’s it, I could care less about anything else going the show I am strictly watching for Pilar, but I figured you guys would want more details so here you go:

A flashy team of Football Wives will give viewers a never-before-seen look into the glamorous, and dramatic, life of a professional football player’s spouse in VH1′s original series. VH1′s “Football Wives” include:

  • Pilar Sanders, married to Deion Sanders, all-pro cornerback, retired
  • Amanda Davis married to Leonard Davis, guard, Dallas
  • Chanita Foster, married to George Foster, tackle, UFL
  • Brittany Pigrenet, girlfriend of David Buehler, kicker, Dallas
  • Dawn Neufeld, married to Ryan Neufeld, tight end, UFL
  • Melani Ismail, married to Rocket Ismail,  receiver, retired
  • Erin McBriar, married to Mat McBriar, punter, Dallas
  • Mercedes Nelson ex-girlfriend of a star player, Dallas

Set in the cradle of American football, Dallas, this series goes inside the real-life locker room of the spouses of some of the biggest footballers in the game.

(Click here for pics of all the young ladies)

So these are all Cowboys’ wives/girlfriends or women who are involved with guys in the UFL.  I don’t know being married to a UFL player is considered the glamorous life, but let me stay on topic.

Deion is lucky man…setting DVR….Now….

Thanks to @Sportsmediaworld for the tip.

8 thoughts on “VH1 Debuting Football Wives October 24th..Staring Pilar Sanders

  • i think they could've done better than UFL players…and kickers??? eh, whatever..I like Pilar, she seems pretty down to earth based on that show her and Deion had on oxygen…

  • Pilar need 2 go sit her old butt down. After she stole her husband from another wife. Now she a Christian, give me a break wanna b famous fame chasing, former hoes.

    • Are you going to explain?

    • WOW..so your saying she was married and stole her husband from another wife? She is a bad bitch – oops I mean Christian. Hahahahaha I just had to comment cuz that's sounds like fruit loops. LOL LOL Nobody can "steal" a person unless they been kid knapped! As arrogant and strong willed as Deion Sanders as displayed himself throughout the years in the media, I HIGHLY doubt that ANY woman would control what HE CHOOSES TO DO or who to be with (marry). Your comment doesn't make any sense, look at his personality. He is a hunter not the prey.

    • I'm trying to figure out how someone who DOES NOT know the Sander's personal business or history try and anonymously place her on blast!! If this were true, I'm sure it would have been in the tabloids where people like Leaan can hate on a sister that she wishes she can look half as good as. I'm sure Deion had his choice of women as did Pilar with her choice of men…they chose each other and are happily married! Leaan is just an ugly bitter woman hating on a FINE sister who happened to marry a celebrity she met while filming a television show.

  • Leaan must be mad, busted or both. I'm definitely watching to see Pilar's fine self.

  • Pilar did cheat with Deions wife but everybody knows that Deion was a cheater all along. He also has two other children with two other women whjile he was married to CC . I have know Deion and CC his X for a while and Pilar also got pregnant on Deion and they had a rush rush hush hush wedding in the bahamas administered by TD JAkes himself. She was 6 months pregnant when that happened. She is a player but trust she has paid her dues with Deion because he aint no joke to be around or live with! So she can skin and grin but he is a beast to live with!

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