VH1 Debuting Football Wives October 24th..Staring Pilar Sanders


I watched one episode of Basketball Wives and after that I had zero interest at all, same way I don’t have any interest in any of the Real Housewives, Jersey Shore or any reality show on BET.

I am sports dude and a nerd.

I like watching Mike Tomlin on House and Forensic Files.  I am more likely to be watching a “Snapped” Marathon than The T.O. Show.

But I definitely will be watching the Football Wives religiously every week for one reason and one reason only:


That’s it, I could care less about anything else going the show I am strictly watching for Pilar, but I figured you guys would want more details so here you go:

A flashy team of Football Wives will give viewers a never-before-seen look into the glamorous, and dramatic, life of a professional football player’s spouse in VH1′s original series. VH1′s “Football Wives” include:

  • Pilar Sanders, married to Deion Sanders, all-pro cornerback, retired
  • Amanda Davis married to Leonard Davis, guard, Dallas
  • Chanita Foster, married to George Foster, tackle, UFL
  • Brittany Pigrenet, girlfriend of David Buehler, kicker, Dallas
  • Dawn Neufeld, married to Ryan Neufeld, tight end, UFL
  • Melani Ismail, married to Rocket Ismail,  receiver, retired
  • Erin McBriar, married to Mat McBriar, punter, Dallas
  • Mercedes Nelson ex-girlfriend of a star player, Dallas

Set in the cradle of American football, Dallas, this series goes inside the real-life locker room of the spouses of some of the biggest footballers in the game.

(Click here for pics of all the young ladies)

So these are all Cowboys’ wives/girlfriends or women who are involved with guys in the UFL.  I don’t know being married to a UFL player is considered the glamorous life, but let me stay on topic.

Deion is lucky man…setting DVR….Now….

Thanks to @Sportsmediaworld for the tip.


  1. Pilar did cheat with Deions wife but everybody knows that Deion was a cheater all along. He also has two other children with two other women whjile he was married to CC . I have know Deion and CC his X for a while and Pilar also got pregnant on Deion and they had a rush rush hush hush wedding in the bahamas administered by TD JAkes himself. She was 6 months pregnant when that happened. She is a player but trust she has paid her dues with Deion because he aint no joke to be around or live with! So she can skin and grin but he is a beast to live with!

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