Video: Boxer Ricky Hatton Accused Snorting Lines of Cocaine (Coke) by Emma Bowe

Very disturbing if not surprising if this is true.

According to News of the World (popular UK site) it has exclusive pics and video of former Boxing Champion Ricky Hatton snorting more than a few lines of cocaine.

If you watch the video it isn’t clear that it is Hatton, but according to a fellow boxer Emma Bowe who claims to be a friend of Hatton it it is him and he has a serious problem. Here are the details:

A friend who witnessed the former world champ take SEVEN lines of coke in a Manchester hotel said: “If he carries on he’ll kill himself. I’m really, really worried for him.”

Fellow fighter Emma Bowe is the close pal who witnessed Hatton devouring cocaine in her hotel bathroom and bedroom. And last night she told us: “I’m only talking about this because Ricky is a danger to himself. If he carries on like this he’ll kill himself.

“I’m really, really worried for him, especially if he tries to make a comeback in the ring as he’s hinted – he could have a heart attack.”

Whistleblower Emma insisted: “I’m doing this for Ricky’s own good. I hope he gets help and advice before cocaine destroys him.”

Hatton’s family last night vowed to be help him cope with his drugs shame. A source close to them said: “This has come as a shock to the family. It is a loving family. We will stand by Ricky.”

Hatton is legendary for his drinking binges, but this is the first time I have heard of him being accused of doing any hard core drugs and make no mistake about cocaine is hard core.

Once it again it should be noted that this is just Miss Bowe’s word (and video) so at this point it is just an allegation even though the evidence seems to suggest that it is Ricky Hatton in the video.

Not exactly sure I would want a friend who secretly videotapes me doing drugs (if I did them) to sell to the tabloids and then pretends they are doing it “just to help”.

Most friends when they want to help do it in private, so it doesn’t make it to the press.

I would hate to see what Hatton’s enemies would want to do with him.

There has been no comment from Hatton or his representatives. If this is true I just hope that Hatton gets the help he needs before it is too late.


Ricky is on his way to rehab.

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