Video: Braylon Edwards “Dougie” Dance Fail


The sad thing was that it was a beautiful route and TD for Braylon Edwards, but in classic Edwards form he had to screw it up.

The Dougie is a dance for teenagers and Big Baby Davis.  Grown men don’t Dougie.

If you are a grown man and you just have to Dougie, you don’t Dougie in front of another man.

That is very Lafayetteish (True Blood Styling) to Dougie in front of a guy.

Lastly if you want to Dougie in front of another man, at least do it where the ref can’t see you dancing like you are Val Venis.

I am convinced the ref called a penalty base solely on Edwards’ stupidity.

Some on Twitter say that his beard caused him to do it.

I am 100% sure Braylon Edwards, Roy Williams and Keyshawn Johnson share a condo in San Francisco.


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