Video: Lebron James & Dr. Dre Power Beats Commercial

I know what you all are thinking, because I am thinking it, so no need to beat around the bush I am going to put it out in the open.


Now that we are finished with that when are we going to get DETOX?

The Detox is like the girl next door who you have lived next to for 30 years and you always thought you were going to hook up, but something always gets in the way.

One day you look out of your window and realize that she is married with four kids and it hits you, it is probably is never going to happen.

Lebron makes a good commercial, just put down the black fist and bean pies and he will be cool.

N.W.O……4 Life……

Hat tip to for the vid.

2 thoughts on “Video: Lebron James & Dr. Dre Power Beats Commercial

  • I feel that Dr. Dre is on a good start on his third album release! The first track, called Kush, got Snoop and Akon on it, and it’s a hood banger. Detox has been the most anticipated album for ten years and I am confident that it will exceed my expectations.

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