Video: Ray Lewis Blames Refs, Says Bengals Didn’t Earn Victory

Ray Lewis is first ballot Hall of Famer, one of the best Linebackers that has ever put on the pads.

But he whines a lot when things don’t go his way.

He cries like a Kardashian when she loses her Blackberry.

Most people give him a pass because he is Ray Lewis, I am not one of those people.

Lewis made some valid points about how the Refs protect quarterbacks too much. He made a solid point on a blown call by the refs late in the game against the Bengals.

My problem is when he says the Bengals didn’t “earn” the victory. That is a disrespectful statement and very “moist” on Lewis’ part.

The Bengals played a hell of a game.

The refs didn’t cause Joe Flacco to throw four interceptions. The Bengals punched the Ravens in the mouth and they folded, point blank period.

Ray Lewis needs to stop making excuses and stop forever bitching when the Ravens lose.

He sounded like a 16 year old teenager who just found out Justin Beiber had a girlfriend.

Do you need some tissue for those Tebow Tears Ray?

Man up, stop crying and give credit when credit is due, can you preach about that Reverend Ray.

35 thoughts on “Video: Ray Lewis Blames Refs, Says Bengals Didn’t Earn Victory

  • refs are the lowest of life form on this planet

  • Ray cries too much. Ravens lost "I got double teamed, Let's meet again next Sunday, That was a fluke they can't do it again." Wha wha it's football as you say.

  • ray lewis has always had haters like you,on one hand you said he had some valid points about the refs,but when he points out the obvious ridiculous 6points the bengels got you call him whinning.yo shut up,ray lewis speaks the truth thats not whinning,these refs needs to be slapped around.

    • Did you read? I said my problem was with him not credit..that is whining..

  • "Is there a difference in playing dirty?"


    Greatest line of q&a ever.

  • Ray needs to get over it… otherwise RETIRE!

    • Pfft. You obviously didn't watch the game and just like to troll message boards

      • I watched the entire thing. Give the Bengals credit stop whining

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