Video: Ray Lewis JACKED UP!!! Dustin Keller

I get on Reverend Ray a lot for his preaching and orange colored suits, but make no mistake he is one of the greatest linebackers of all time and while he might not be the Ray Ray of old he can still:


Poor Dustin Keller was so shook up, when his number got called again on 4th down play even with the yard marker staring right in front of him he couldn’t make the first down and that ended the game

In some states or in Jay Marriotti’s world this would be considered DOMESTIC VIOLENCE.

Keller going to need more than a snack after that hit, because Ray Lewis took his cornbread.

I am surprised he didn’t do the Zab Judah dance.

I have said from the beginning that the Jets have a Super Bowl Defense, but until the offense catches up a little they are going to be in a lot of low scoring games where Mark Sanchez is going to have to make something happen in the 4th quarter.

Ironically they are a mirror image of many of the Ravens teams over the last decade.

A+ defense and High School Drop Out offense.

The good news for the Jets is that won’t play many teams who are more physical than they are and help is on the way when Santonio Holmes comes off suspension.

One caveat though they will only go as far as Mark Sanchez will take them and beyond a good start to last year and a good run in playoffs he hasn’t been very good.

They don’t need him to be Peyton Manning, but they can’t have him be Alex Smith.

Only one game, but the heat is on the Jets can’t afford too many early slip ups, they will not be allowed to back into playoffs this year.

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