Video: Refs Rob Calvin Johnson of TD & Lions of Victory

I know the rule.

A wide receiver has to have control of the ball throughout the completion of the catch.

I want you to watch the video.

Calvin Johnson catches the ball with two hands.

His knee, leg and butt all hit the ground.

Calvin Johnson extends the ball with one hand to show that he has complete control of it.

Johnson starts to get up from rolling on the ground and as he balances himself to get up:


The ball which was secured the entire time slips out while he is celebrating and the NFL considers than an incomplete pass?

That my friends is a HIGHWAY ROBBERY!!!

It has nothing to do with the Bears, you have to take a victory any way you can get it, but the NFL should be ashamed that the refs once again interpreted the rule incorrectly and cost a team a victory.

That rule is in place for receivers diving for the ball and as that make contact with the ground the ball comes loose.

Johnson maintained control as he hit the ground and it was only as he was trying to get up to celebrate did he lose control.

I don’t care what anyone tells you that is bad call and the Lions were robbed.

4 thoughts on “Video: Refs Rob Calvin Johnson of TD & Lions of Victory

  • Bob Costas pretty much said the same thing during the halftime show of SNF. There has to be some COMMON SENSE applied to all of these rules.

  • Ridiculous – was a catch all the way – the commissioner should change.

    • Can't change it now, but garbage rule

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