Vote: NFL Finest Man Week 1 Reggie Bush vs Vernon Davis..Hosted by Ivory Tabb

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Ladies when I went into this weeks match up I figured no one would even come close to Kimmy K & Ex Heisman owner Reggie Bush, but then I remembered that Mr. Chin himself, Natalie’s man Vernon recently cut his dreads off and that is definitely helping a brother out.

So they both like reality chicks with a tendency to sleep around with other athletes, ones ex has a sex tape out and I’m sure the other is well on her way to having one. But the real question is ladies who do you think is finer Reggie short and stack at 6’0 ft 203 lbs or Vernon coming in at a long and lean 6’5 250lbs.

Reggie Bush

  • Height: 6-0
  • Weight: 203
  • Born: Mar 2, 1985 – Spring Valley, CA
  • College: USC

  • Vernon Davis

  • Height: 6-3
  • Weight: 250
  • Born: Jan 31, 1984 – Washington, DC
  • College: Maryland

  • 15 thoughts on “Vote: NFL Finest Man Week 1 Reggie Bush vs Vernon Davis..Hosted by Ivory Tabb

      • Great since he cut the hair huh?

      • You going wit Reggie huh! Thanks for voting!

    • wondering when we are going back to sports writting. I know that sissy ass Rob likes men and all but damn!!

      • Uh Really, , why cause he made the smart business decision to have a contest for his female readers who make up a large portion of his viewing population. I may need to question your likes if you took the time to click on and read this article knowing exactly what we were going to be looking at and voting on. Hey if you like it I love it!
        Ok Bye Bye. See you on here next Wednesday for our week 2 match up!

    • Why are you writing an article "Judge who you think is the finest football players," on a site that is read by 90 percent male. duh

      Thats like Ebony writing an article on the "greatness of the klu klux klan." lmao 2 funny

      • Larry, actual Rob has nothing to do with the writing, choosing, anything with this article and long running contest. Its all me. But I really do want to thank him for giving me a place to hold this contest. Especially since alot of his readers are female and have been asking for something like this for a long time.__Thanks!

        • Thanks for giving the ladies some "guy candy", Ivory. It is greatly appreciated, ma'am.

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