Warren Sapp Sued For a Million Dollars For Unpaid Loan

The good news is at least it isn’t a domestic violence situation, bad news that isn’t a Judge Mathis style lawsuit.

Dr. Evil would approve though.

Pigskinlovinglady.com has the details:

HomeTrust Bank of Asheville filed a lawsuit against Warren Sapp earlier this month, contending the former NFL baller hasn’t made a payment on a loan. In 2007, Sapp borrowed $990,000 to buy property in Horseshoe Forest Preserve, an exclusive mountain residential development. The problem…he hasn’t made a payment since February.

Great segue into the Dez Bryant story. His teammate, Roy Williams set up him to pay a $55K dinner bill.

Regardless of what seems like a lot of money to TODAY, eventually that well can run dry if not invested properly. Hearing about athletes filing for bankruptcy has increased in the past years…which is why I’ll be damn if another man is going to help me spend my money. I’m not saying Sapp is broke, but I am just saying.

She makes a good point about how having a lot of money today, doesn’t mean you will always have a lot of money.

Especially in the economy we  currently in, a few bad investments and you will getting your Antonie Walker on, hopefully Sapp gets it all squared away or he can do some Slim Fast commercials or something for extra dough.

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