Will Brett Favre Make it Through the NFL Season?

I believe everyone has a talent that is everlasting.

I am pretty sure when I am at the old folks home I will still be able to make good analogy between sports and bed pans.

Brett Favre has something that when he is 70 years old, he will still be able to do better than quarterbacks in their 20s.

Favre will always be able to throw the football.

You saw it last night in the one good drive Favre had, with his two beautiful passes to Visanthe Shiancoe. Brett Favre is a not a good quarterback, he is a great quarterback. He has been a great quarterback for a long time. We are rightfully critical of Favre because he is a drama queen and he has been known to throw interceptions at the worst possible times.

With that being said there are only five or six quarterbacks I would rather have running my team than Favre and even at 125 years old.

But I wonder if mentally Favre wants to be playing right now.

We all assumed that Favre was just playing the Vikings for more money and to get out of coming to training camp, but what if Favre really didn’t want to play?

What if his body is truly breaking down?

What if he wanted to retire?

Favre seems like the type of guy that genuinely loves his teammates and we know he is an emotional guy, so when his friends came to his house and begged him to come back I can see how he couldn’t say no?

But in all the interviews I have seen from Favre since he returned, he doesn’t look happy and he doesn’t look enthusiastic about being back.

Last night he appeared to be frustrated which is understandable because his best receiver is out (Sidney Rice) and the timing was way off with his other receivers.

Could all this change if the Vikings win four games in a row?

Sure it could, but what if they lose four games in a row?

Physically Favre is superhuman, but mentally it appears he is on his last leg and many athletes say they know when to retire when mentally they are not excited about playing the game anymore.

There are many interesting plots to the NFL season, but I know I will be watching Favre closely and honestly I think that is what he wants.

One thought on “Will Brett Favre Make it Through the NFL Season?

  • I saw Favre as a guy who was tentative, uncertain, and lacking of the swagger needed to pull out a win in a hostile environment. The game on Thursday night was never out of reach for Minny. I didn’t see the explosive, balanced offensive attack that the Vikings are more than capable of displaying. Brett didn’t display a great deal of confidence. I know Rice is hurt and Harvin is always susceptible to migraines, but there was ample opportunities for Brett and Minnesota to pull that game out. I know it’s only one game, but I am already skeptical of him being that explosive playmaker under center. The early part of their schedule is far from easy.

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