49ers Owner Jed York on 0-5 Record: “We Will Win the NFC West”

The 49ers owner is puffing out his chest saying that the 49ers will still win the NFC West despite their 0-5 record.

The only reason why he is saying that is because the NFC West is similar to Joshua Clottey when he fought Manny Pacquiao, just a punching bag.

Here is what York had to say:

Even though the San Francisco 49ers are one of the NFL’s three currently winless teams and mired in last place in the NFC West, owner and president Jed York predicted they are going to bounce back in historical fashion.

“We’re going to win the division,” York predicted Monday morning in a text to ESPN.

The rest of the NFL are Kramer from Seinfeld and the NFL West are the little kids:

The 49ers under Mike Singletary haven’t been very good, and the fact the division has been awful only leads me to believe that it is his coaching that is the problem. Their saving grace is someone can probably win the NFC West with a losing record which is nothing to be proud of.

It is the equivalent of a rapper trying to get a hot female model for their video, but ending up with Kat Stacks.

But we will continue to get feed this line on how Mike Singletary is INTENSE, while the losses keep piling up— at some point, someone should realize it isn’t working.

16 thoughts on “49ers Owner Jed York on 0-5 Record: “We Will Win the NFC West”

  • Miss Eddie, yet?

  • get rid of alex smith period

    • ya got that brother even tho passing has gotten better he’s too afraid of holding the ball and getting hit….



  • How long does it take for the 49ers organization to realize that Alex Smith sucks big time and will never be good enough to make 49ers a playoff contender. Secondly, if 49ers didn't rush into signing Singletery as head coach, they would have gotten a better, more experience coach…im ashame to a fan….

    “We’re going to win the division,”..hehehe york, i hope you're kidding 'cuz that's a very funny prediction.

    • im ashamed to

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