Agents Paying Players? Really? Can’t Be True? SI Exposes Shady Side

“Josh Luchs is to agents  what Superhead was to groupies.”

That is what I said when someone asked me what my opinion was of the cover story about corrupt agent Josh Luchs.

The truth is, while Luchs maybe dirty, there are many kids playing in the mud with him.

There is no reason you should be surprised to hear a story like this:

One guy who needed money was Ryan Leaf, which was why in 1996 I met with the Cougars’ quarterback at a hotel near campus. This was before his junior season, and Ryan was on the cusp of stardom. He was a whale. I knew that if I could sign him, it would change my life.

At the hotel, Ryan made it clear that he had significant credit card debt, something like $5,000, and needed help. I knew that if I just paid off his debt, he would forget about me and have no reason to develop a relationship. “But I want to help,” I said. “How much do you think you would need each month to make your life easier?” He said he needed around $500 a month, which wasn’t much to pay for a player with Ryan’s potential earnings. In the bathroom of that hotel, he signed an undated representation contract and a loan agreement for the money. Soon afterward, Doc and I began paying him monthly with money orders, ranging from $300 to $700.

I went to The Ohio State University, the second largest university in the country. One of the Top 10 College Football teams of all time in regards to:

  • Tradition
  • Name Recognition
  • Winning
  • National Championships

And most importantly:


All I have to do is mention:

“The Dealership”

And OSU alums get nervous about what I might say next.

It isn’t my job though to judge, my job is to educated. This isn’t unusual what Mr. Luchs was doing just like it wasn’t unusual that Supahead was on-call for every rapper who sold more than 15k copies for a decade.

That is just life and if you’d open your eyes, you would already see that.

I appreciate breaking it down, but some agents are still going to pay, just like a Kat Stacks will pop up in the public conscious from time to time.

Just the way it is.

6 thoughts on “Agents Paying Players? Really? Can’t Be True? SI Exposes Shady Side

  • Wonder if Reggie can get his Heisman back now?

  • "It isn’t my job though to judge, my job is to educated"


  • Why is the agent the only sleezy person in this story? Dont get me wrong….Universities are making LONG DOUGH off the back of the student athletes…but at some point …before the end of the world….People need to start taking responsibility for their own actions!!!!

    So….you are a college athlete and have no idea…just none…Never had a convo with any upper class athlete about taking money from an agent?????. ……So when said agent comes along and you use such knowledge( including knowing that they could catch real flack for this ish.) are you really gonna fake the funk and act like you brand new??? or are you gonna pimp him out so you have dough for your girl, for clothes, for the fam if needed?

    Please dont nobody believe the athlete is innocent and the big bad agent is at fault. Everybody is complicit . WHATEVER HAPPENED TO MORALS AND JUST SAYING NO TO THE CASH??

    • Can't argue with that.

  • Come on people, this is really old news. Barkley took cash, Bron Bron took favors, every elite athlete took some favors in some fashion, why is this surprising? Actually, why is this bad? When BronBron was in High school taking flights across the nation singing "In Da Club" on busses decked out in Adidas Attire, nobody said nothing about who was hooking him and his guys up with all the deals, but we're tripping over an agent paying some bills? Its business people, and I don't even see why its a problem, it happens everywhere its not even funny. Just ask OJ Mayo about it.

    The fact of the matter is, if I'm a top caliber athlete, and I want a new pair of Jordan's, somebody is gonna get it for me. If I wanna be fresh 2 def' at prom, someone's gonna step up and buy my prom tux. Thats the way it goes down if these agents wanna get paid.

    Move along people… Nothing to see here….

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