Alleged Brett Favre "Penis Pics" Hits The Net..Courtesy of Deadspin | BlackSportsOnline

Alleged Brett Favre “Package Pics” Hits The Net..Courtesy of Deadspin

by BSO Staff | Posted on Thursday, October 7th, 2010
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When I started to write for BlackSportsOnline I was assured I would doing groundbreaking and cutting edge stories.

While that has been 99% true every once and awhile I get a BBM from the boss Robert Littal like this, that lets me know I need a raise:

“Erikka I refuse to do a story on Brett Favre’s package, so it is all on you, do the site proud.”

I can see a Pulitzer prize in my future.

According to Deadspin here is Brett Favre in all his Old Man Glory.  These are not NSFW:

Lil Brett #1

Lil Brett #2

Lil Brett #3

Maybe because I am woman, but I think the voice mail messages are more creepy than the pictures:

The whole thing has a very bad 70’s pornish feel to it.  I think I need to take a shower now.

One thing to remember is none of this can be verified, so I expect Favre fully deny it.  But honestly would you be surprised if it was all true?

Here is what Favre said when asked about the Deadspin reports:

I didn’t think so.

Wonder what Mrs. Favre thinks about this?  Because I am sure would be able to ID “Lil Favre” things that make you go hmmmmm.

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  1. TheTruth says:

    Brett, sir! Where is you peen?

  2. themadchuck says:

    Hey Robert, whether this is true or not, I find it funny how ESPN won't cover this if it is Brett Favre. However, if this was a black athlete that did the same exact thing, they would be all over it like white on rice. Gross double standard in the media.

  3. Sun Tzu says:

    ESPN is not the media! They are the National Enquirer /TMZ of sports entertainment information.

  4. rookdagreat says:

    hahaha He knows that's his hairy azzzz. That is the SAME black watch he wears in his press conferences. hahahaha hee-laree-ious!!! And for goodness sake fellas if you are less than well endowed, please, please, don't send pics of that. I'm so embarrassed for him. smh lol

  5. gary says:

    with any luck he well not be able to play the rest of the season. And then the Vikings may stand a chance to win a game with him gone.

  6. cchr aricept says:

    997Ujb hey, just wanted to comment :)

  7. Gino Duboise says:

    Erin, that was such a wonderful book one of the BEST i’ve read….EVER. sorry if this is a repeat comment (problems with the site).

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