Allen Iverson to Play in Turkey for “a Villa, Luxury Car & 2 Million Dollars?”

Since absoutely no team wants to deal with Allen Iverson and only two weeks to go before the season starts, A.I. is finally exploring his overseas options.  If you believe this latest report, he is considering signing with a team in Turkey.

What is funny is the list of demands that Iverson has, check them out:

According to Basket Magazine, Turkey might very well be Iverson’s next stop — Besiktas Cola Turka has reportedly made Iverson an offer. The rough translation from The Hoops Market reads, “[The two sides] could be now negotiating the last details of the contract.”

Some reports say the economic terms have already been agreed upon ($1.5-2 million, including large bonuses and a percentage of advertising revenues), and a contract is just undergoing “minor” polishing (AI wants a luxury car, a villa, and to be payed every week, instead of every month).

I wonder if the luxury car will be an Ashton Martin, so he can be like James Bond?

I am pro Iverson going overseas as he will be treated like King over there and have his choice of Turkish women.  I think you can have like 12 wives in Turkey, and that should be heaven for a NBA Player.

He can bring them all to the Villa and since he would be getting paid every week like he worked for a temp agency and he will have plenty of money to make it rain.

Sign the deal Allen and we will watch you on ESPN 7.

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  • I just hope you realize that you sound like an ignorant American when you say that in Turkey you can have 12 wives.

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