Audio: Mike Ditka on Jenn Sterger & Lil Favre: “I Have No Sympathy For Her”


At least with Mike Ditka, you know he is going to speak his mind.

Unfortunately though, half the time he doesn’t have all the facts straight or just is down right delusional.

You can listen to his entire interview about the Lil Favre incident above, but here are some of the more colorful snippets:

I’m not going to be as sympathetic to the woman as a lot of people are,” Ditka said. “It’s two years after the fact. Cut it out, you know? If you had a problem, you could have said it back then.”

“You don’t have to pull it up when when you’re going to have a spread in Playboy or you’re going to have a Monday night game coming up,” he said. “I’m old-fashioned.”

To which Le Batard said: “So, no sympathy?”

“None. Zero. Absolutely zero,” Ditka responded. “Now, you’ll get some calls about that, but frankly I could care less.”

Le Batard: “But it is sexual harassment, Mike.”

“I don’t know about that,” Ditka said. “If it’s sexual harassment, if it’s not reported until two years after the fact. I really don’t, I’ll be honest with you.”

Never speak unless you know all the facts and this is why Ditka just inserted his foot in his mouth.

Jenn Sterger did not provide the info to Deadspin.  What she did was tell Deadspin the story off the record and then they started fishing.  They found some people that Sterger had sent “Lil Favre” and the voicemails to.  They paid those people (or person) and that is how they get the alleged evidence.

Secondly, Miss Sterger has no current plans to do Playboy.

Lastly, it was Deadspin’s decision when this information was released,not Miss Sterger who has made it clear she didn’t want it released.

I never got the impression that Miss Sterger was looking for sympathy, if anything it appears she wish it never happened.

Regardless of when it happened, if you send an employee pics of your package just out of the blue, no matter how you rationalize it, the law says that is sexual harassment.

The law isn’t about how the woman handles it, it just states you can’t do it, so the time period is irrelevant.

If Miss Sterger was pushing an agenda, I could somewhat see Ditka’s point, but he is embarrassingly uninformed about the situation and in turn it makes his points look foolish based on the facts that we know.

He seems like many, to be under the impression that Brett Favre can do no wrong, so lets blame the woman.  She didn’t ask for “Lil Favre” to come to her phone. And what about the other woman who claimed that Favre likes to make good use of his unlimited texts?

That is an archaic way of thinking and does nothing to help the stereotype of dumb, sexiest jock.

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  1. She told Deadspin "off the record?" Come on now, that's just ridiculous. You should know by now that there is no such thing as "off the record" in today's media. In the battle to be first against websites that have no allegiance to the journalistic code, newspapers and television outlets will pounce on any little crumb that becomes available. Sterger, who is a part of that media world, would absolutely have known that a story about Favre, with pictures of his wang to "prove" it, would generate this kind of response. Sure, from a legal standpoint, it may be sexual harassment, but what seems to be coming from Ditka isn't so much a question of whether or not it happened, but why she's come out with it now. And he is right to ask that, as it isn't that much of a stretch to suggest that it's a calculated move to garner some publicity. If she "didn't want it to get out" then why did she keep the voicemails and pictures AND then tell a site like Deadspin about it?

  2. Dumb..just really dumb.
    Is there anyone with anything beyond single digit IQ that does not understand this slut is seeking a payday! Let's cut the nonsense here folks. If Bret did something stupid, let his wife handle it.
    It is none of our business. Sterger is a slut pure and simple. Two years after the so called thing occured…Ditka is right.

  3. So basically according to you…. Deadspin or whom ever has either put this out…totally against Steger's wishes…she refuses to say anything to anybody…then what are we doing here? This isn't about truth…it is about promotion for Deadspin…money or promotion to somebody…but hardly about the truth. Oh by the way…how many athletes can pick up stones…what about all the sports figures…Mantle and alot of the things he did, make Favre look like a Priest, M. Jordan,….i live in Phx…and can tell you the stories I heard about Barkley…, these stars are worshiped by many still, What about the Kennedy's….I could go on and on….If the woman didn't want to press charges…then this never should have come to the fore front period!

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