Cleveland Radio Host Hires Witch Doctor to Put Curse on Lebron James

Both Lebron and the city of Cleveland need to think about Fading into Bolivia with Mike Tyson.

Cleveland needs to get over it and Lebron needs to stop being moist, it is getting ridiculous.

The latest foolishness is Cleveland Radio Host trying to be a Hex on the King of South Beach.

WMMS-FM broadcast the hex ceremony Tuesday morning, hours before the Heat’s season opener in Boston.

The radio station says a witch doctor used bones, blood and a James jersey to cast a curse on the two-time MVP.

The host of “Rover’s Morning Glory” says it’s payback for the way James called it quits with the Cavs earlier this year.

Is there anything else to do in Cleveland besides pine over Lebron?

LA hasn’t had a NFL team in like 20 years and they seem to be doing just fine, go outside and play.

Look on the bright side you still have Mo Williams.


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