Dan Gilbert Throwing Subliminal Shots at Lebron James on Twitter


I am not sure if Dan Gilbert is dropping rhymes, preaching Bishop Long style or throwing down some Mark Zuckerberg style knowledge that no one understand. But from what I can gather Gilbert is replying to Lebron’s statement about race being an issue in the negative criticism he received about the way he left the Cavs.

(Read how race had no part in the criticism of the King)

While it is Dan Gilbert right as an American to say whatever he likes on twitter, he really needs to get over it.

Lebron isn’t coming back and the season is about the start.  Nothing you say or tweet is going to change that.  Lebron is doing a good enough job himself saying  foolish things, there is no need to try to pile on.

We have all been through bad breakups, but Lebron is living it up with his new girlfriends in South Beach while Gilbert is sitting in his basement cutting up Lebron’s jersey.

Plus calling him an A-hole even subliminal is like saying “you momma”, I would expect an owner of a NBA franchise to be more creative than that.  Regardless of how Gilbert feels the facts are James was a free agent and if he want to play in the UFL with Maurice Clarett he could have.

Professional sports is a business and in business you can’t be “moist”, the reason I have no faith in Cleveland rising up from this is because when your owner is emotional it is a trickle down effect to your players.

Maybe Gilbert and Moist Mo Williams can sit on the couch together and watch a “Snapped” marathon to make themselves feel better about Lebron leaving, but computer courage and name calling isn’t cool, it is juvenile.

That makes Gilbert the A-hole, not Lebron.


  1. Gilbert is a sawed off little man (5 foot 2 inches) who relied on his parents connections to help him succed and now his lack real business skills are shining through. Labron ought swat that little twerp in public and pay the fine…it would be worth it.

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