Darrelle Revis Ticketed For Going 81 in a 40 MPH Zone…Oh The Irony

From the BSO Twitter:

“Darrelle Revis was driving 81 in a 40 MPH zone? Was he still trying to catch up with Moss?”

That is pretty much my take on the situation. Here are the details:

“I’m not a speedster. I was a little late for work,” Revis said. “I was just trying to get to work, and you face the consequences when you speed.”

The Jets cornerback won’t fight the ticket, which he said was issued for doing 81 mph in a 40 mph zone. He said the officer had probable cause to pull him over, and that the officer recognized who he was but that his celebrity status shouldn’t matter.

“I’m a citizen so I’ve got to follow the rules,” Revis said.

Revis said he spoke to general manager Mike Tannenbaum and coach Rex Ryan after getting the ticket.

“Obviously you’ve got to slow down,” Ryan said. “He was running late. That’s not an excuse; you’d hate to see him or anybody be careless where you put yourself at risk you put others at risk, and that’s a reminder for all of us.”

I feel the same way as Snacks Ryan does— just slow down. We don’t want you to injure yourself or anyone else. I don’t think Revis has to worry about being cut and he has plenty of money to pay a team fine for being a little late.

No need to give yourself unnecessary bad press.

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