Deadspin Allegedly Paid $75,000 For Brett Favre Voicemails and Pictures

I am not sure if I believe this.

I have never known Deadspin to pay that type money for any information.

Here are the alleged details of the payment.

The pictures and voicemails that Vikings quarterback Brett Favre sent to Jenn Sterger were purchased by Deadspin for $75,000.

Deadspin Editor in Chief A.J. Daulerio went on the record by saying that “He paid more for this than he’s ever paid for anything before.”

(See the alleged Favre Pics and listen to the voicemails)

No matter how much was paid, Favre is in some trouble and the only way he can get out of it is by coming clean before it is too late.

I warned Tiger to do the same thing and he didn’t listen until it was too late, hopefully Favre doesn’t make the same mistake.

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