Deion Sanders: “Whoever Ranked Me 34th on Top 100 NFL Players, Needs To Be Slapped”

The exact quote from Primetime:

“Whoever made this list, you should be slapped with baby powder in your hand”

You could say that Deion wasn’t pleased by being ranked 34th on the NFL Network  Top 100 Players of all time and while I don’t condone any baby powder pimp slapping, I do agree with him.

The NFL Network has been counting down to #1 and they are currently at #31, but like most all time list it is very faulty.

As soon as I saw Ed Reed of the Ravens ranked above Michael Irvin, Fran Tarkenton and Sam Huff, I couldn’t take it seriously anymore.

Things like Ladainian Tomlinson being ranked ahead of Randy Moss lets me know the list is more about who their personal favorites were as opposed to players who changed the game.

Deion thinks he should be in the Top 5, and while that may be a stretch (I would say Top 10), to say there are 33 NFL players who had more impact and effect on the NFL  is absurd. It is absurd that Rod Woodson is ranked 41, but he and Deion should be at minimum in the Top 20.

One of my criteria for legendary status is how many players behind you want to be you or are compared to you.

Michael Jordan for example–everyone wants to be like Mike. Everyone is compared to Mike, but none really measure up.

How many times have you heard the following phrase:

“He wants is a shut down corner in the mold of Deion Sanders.”

How many DBs when they get an interception high step down the sideline with the hand behind the helmet?  How many DBs do the “Deion Dance” when they hit the end zone?  Then you have to take into effect Deion was one of the most feared punt returners of all time and a decent wide receiver when he got the opportunity.

If you want to get even deeper besides Bo Jackson, he was the most successful two sport athletes of the last 60 years.

If you need pure stats:

Sanders amassed 7,838 all-purpose yards and scored 22 touchdowns: nine interception returns, six punt returns, three kickoff returns, three receiving, and one fumble recovery. His 19 defensive and return touchdowns are an NFL record.

Just let those numbers sink in for a minute.

In the middle of his ranting and raving, Deion made a good point— that the offensive players on the list outrank the defensive players 2 to 1. There are 19 quarterbacks on the list. Joe Nameth’s a great character and loves the sideline reporters, but is not one of the Top 100 players of all time.

At least Prime can take solace in the fact that someone in his family is #1 on a list.

#1 Athlete Wife Pilar Sanders:

Prime may also have the #1 Unintentional Comedy Music Video of All Time as well:

4 thoughts on “Deion Sanders: “Whoever Ranked Me 34th on Top 100 NFL Players, Needs To Be Slapped”

  • Anyone who doesn't believe Deion is a top 10 all-time NFL player is being intellectually dishonest. I watched Deion's entire career and I can't think of many players who were better. He was a threat on all four downs. Every time he touched the ball, he was a threat for six points. He shut down the opposing team's number 1 wideout for years. 34th place is an insult to my man Prime.

  • As long as Jim Brown is #1 I have no serious problems with this list. That said the video above was comedy gold. I wish Primetime was all the time.

  • deion at #34 is a slap in the face…people need to leave their personal feelings out of theor decision-making..he changed the game in so many ways and he was feared….deion is top 10 easily…

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