Dwight Howard Does Push Ups for Missed FTs & Funniest Sports Gif of All Time


Howard missed a couple of free throws (not his strong suit) and decided to punish himself by doing a few push ups on the bench.

Maybe the entire Magic team should do push ups after that beat down that the South Beach NWO gave them last night.

You can’t talk trash all summer and the day before the game then get embarrassed, then again this is a team that is counting on Half Man/Half Hurt Vince Carter in crunch time, so I shouldn’t be surprised.

To be honest though I have a selfish reason for making this post.

While doing a research for this story I came across this “gif”, I am not sure when this happened, but it is quite possibly the greatest sports “gif” of all time, for unintentional comedy.

I want you to watch this and try not to laugh.

I dare you.

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