Dwyane Wade Dresses Up as Justin Timberlake For Halloween


He sort of looks more like Ronald McDonald than Justin Timberlake, but I give him an “A” for effort.

Someone asked me recently what I am dressing up as for Halloween.

The Lil Princess is going to be Little Red Riding Hood and I am going to be.

Jocksandstilettojill has the details about D Wade’s Halloween adventures:

After the Heat dusted off the Magic last night. Dwyane Wade’s girlfriend Gabrielle Union had a costume party to celebrate her birthday. DWade went as Justin Timberlake. In the photo with him, his stylist Cali who was June Cleaver.

You know I am disappointed he didn’t go as:



  1. Wade's costume is racist and should be brought to his attention. Maybe he didn't think about it , but he should have. Nothing like millionaire morons acting like they can do what ever they want. Maybe he should have taken some real classes while "attending" Marquette.