Dwyane Wade: “Siohvaughn Attacked Me With Marble Object”

Have you ever eaten on a marble table?

Marble is a very heavy.

If you come after someone with a piece of marble, you are intending to do some damage.  This is what D Wade claims in the latest round of testimony in the child custody case with his ex-wife Siohvaughn Wade.

JocksandStilettoJill breaks down the what Wade had to say:

Wade testified that that a then-pregnant Siohvaughn attacked him and threw a marble object at him during an argument in the bathroom at the home they shared in Florida. He said that he “sat her down aggressively” on an ottoman during that argument to subdue her, but that she kept swinging and hit herself, resulting in a bloody lip.

He stated his ex-wife stopped returning calls, texts and e-mails and wouldn’t allow him to see the kids unless she was around.

In May, Siohvaughn Wade filed a lawsuit on the children behalf saying Wade and Union engaged in sex acts in front of the boys, which “severely inflicted the Plaintiffs emotionally and mentally.” It also claims that the boys received “medium size gifts” from Dwyane Wade for Christmas last year, while Union got “the biggest gift of all.”

That suit was dismissed.

Wade said, flat out, “never happened” when Pritkin asked about the sexual foreplay. As for giving Union bigger gifts, he responded, “Not at all.”

#1 concern should be the boys and it appears Wade has that in mind which is important.  Hopefully Siohvaughn has that same concern.  I get why she is upset— the facts are Wade did carry on a public affair while they were married (or separated if you believe him), but at some point you just have to move on, take the cash and find you a pool boy.

You don’t want your kids growing up twisted in the head because their parents couldn’t act like adults.

4 thoughts on “Dwyane Wade: “Siohvaughn Attacked Me With Marble Object”

  • I get so tired of hearing folks telling women to move on…

    You don't know what he put her through…always two sides. And the fact that he could so openly have an affair, shows he did not have have much respect for their marriage.

    Does she need to get herself together yes… but I'm single, never been married, and I have had a man or two drive me to want to throw a "marble" object at 'em.

    • Regardless they share children together and that should be her first priority and no man is worth going to jail over. Instead she's bent on revenge without regard to her children's well being.

      I don't care for Wade but its not his fault she's mentally unstable I mean 9 lawyers quit on her for a reason.

    • What would you like me to tell her? Get a knife? Cry herself to sleep every night? She has to get over it.

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