Fail: Chargers WR Richard Goodman Fumbles Without Being Touched

Anytime I see a play like this the first thing I think about is when it happened to Plaxico Burress his rookie season.


The funny thing about Plax is that he jumped up to celebrate and that is what got him in trouble.

Goodman appears to realize immediately he made a mistake, but by then it was too late he had already become a contestant on that Jock Fails Screen (have you went it is awesome and hilarious site).

The Chargers are just a train wreck all the way around. So many mental mistakes were made in their game against the Patriots it was fitting that that when they had a chance to send a game they had no business in winning into OT, a false start push the field goal attempt back just far enough for it to fail.

Philip Rivers literally looked like he wanted to go Kenny Britt in the club on every one of his teammates and coaches.

One thought on “Fail: Chargers WR Richard Goodman Fumbles Without Being Touched

  • I think that this was his 1st NFL catch. Focus, attention to detail are plaguing this team. The false start penalty on their 45-yard FG try says it all. How many blunders have SD committed on special teams this year? We saw some weeks ago where Miami fired their special teams coach due to numerous breakdowns during the NE game. SD’s special teams coach is lucky to still have his job. SD tries to get by with their talent alone. They don’t pay great attention to the details.

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