Doctor on Brett Favre’s Fractures: “It is a Glorified Ankle Sprain”

Amazingly Favre isn’t as hurt as the media wants you to believe.

Everyone is saying that Favre’s has two fractures in his ankle, technically that is true, but no one is playing in the NFL if they truly has a broken ankle.

Here is what a real doctor had to say about Favre’s injury:

“I think it’s extremely misleading to say he has two ankle fractures and leave that impression,” the orthopedist said. “Technically, with what I have read, he does. But you are not playing an NFL game with two fractures in the sense that we think of fractures.”

“It’s a glorified ankle sprain,” the doctor said.

What the doctor is saying is that while the technical term maybe fracture, the reality and how most teams would report this is as a very bad sprained ankle.

But because we are talking about Old Yeller Favre, everything has to be exaggerated to increase his gunslinger legend. Favre can play with the injury if he takes a pain killing injection like millions of other NFL players have done in the past who didn’t get pampered like Favre.

So when you hear people saying that Favre is out there playing on a broken ankle, just know they giving in to the hype, not the facts.

3 thoughts on “Doctor on Brett Favre’s Fractures: “It is a Glorified Ankle Sprain”

  • you mean how they were trying to say Tiger was playing one leg? That's the one thing I think commentators, analysts and color guys have done a big disservice to the viewers. They over-exaggerate almost anything and finally when something amazing does happen, it's watered down cause they use every superlative in the book on a weekly basis.

    • basically…trying to make it more than it is.

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