Former Gator Channing Crowder: “Brantley Was Ran Down by White LB That’s a Disgrace”



Channing Crowder who now plays for the Miami Dolphins is not pleased that the Florida Gators have become a very average team without Tim Tebow.

He expressed his frustrations in a very interesting and stupid quote:

“They don’t have an identity,” Crowder told reporters immediately after last week’s game at Green Bay, which followed Florida’s 10-7 loss to Mississippi State. “They don’t know what — John Brantley don’t know what he wants to do. He can’t outrun anybody. I saw him get run down by a white linebacker last week, which was a disgrace to all Florida football history.”

Later in the week, Crowder continued along that track and might have even included Trey Burton in his outrage. He references “your running quarterback,” who also seems to have a problem evading Caucasian defenders.

“You can see the offense is nothing without Tebow,” Crowder told the Post’s Ben Volin last week. “When I saw a white linebacker … ran down Brantley twice, I said, ‘Yeah, we have no chance.’

“First he’s a linebacker. Tim Tebow would’ve walked away from a linebacker, and he’s white. If a white linebacker is running down your running quarterback, we don’t have a chance.

What in the world is he talking about?

I understand Brantley has had his struggles this year, but to my knowledge no one expected him to be Cam Newton behind center.

There are two problems here.

First, Crowder is making ignorant statements that should offend white and black players. Acting as if it is impossible for white linebackers to track down athletic players.

Newsflash for Crowder there are several white and black linebackers in the league that are better than him.

Some people need to hire a full time censor around them before they are allowed to speak.

Secondly Urban Meyer is proving to be a one trick pony in regards to coaching. If he doesn’t have the perfect quarterback for his system he can’t seem to adjust. That is the real problem. He has a classic drop back quarterback he is trying to turn into Tebow light, that was never going to work.

Crowder should concentrate on being a better player not what white linebackers can chase down quarterbacks.

6 thoughts on “Former Gator Channing Crowder: “Brantley Was Ran Down by White LB That’s a Disgrace”

  • yung brian urlacher that mathews kid from sc..both pretty slow…i dont like it when people make assumptions about athletic ability and intellect based on race…fuhgettaboutit

    • i was being sarcastic about lacher and mathews ..maybe i shouldve put "right ?" after my statement

  • You're going too easy on him, Robert. Yes, God gave Crowder more than his share of stupidity. Why though, does he get a pass after making racist comments (TWICE) to the media? He got rolled like a kid getting his Halloween candy taken back in 2004 at Ms. State. Now check out his 40 yard dash time in comparison to the (oh the shame!) WHITE linebacker he references… Chris White 4.52 seconds, Crowder 4.62 seconds.

  • Crowder is an obvious racist, and it angers me that he isn't held accountable for his actions (stupid and bigoted as they are). Do you remember Jimmy the Greek? He made a statement during a football game that black athletes are better because their ancestors (as slaves) were bred to be bigger, faster and stronger. It was a true and valid statement without prejudice. He was unemployed the next day. Now, this little prick Crowder makes multiple racist statements on the air without any repercussions. You've heard it before, but you're gonna hear it again… what if a white player made a similar statement about black linebackers? How long do you think it would be before ESPN, CNN would be all over the story and Jesse Jackson and Reverend Al would be calling for the white players' heads? I don't really give a chit about Crowder (he's a marginal player on a mediocre team) but I do care about the double standard.

    • I agree with you.

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