Former Jets Masseuse on Brett Favre: “He Looked At Me Like Slab of Meat”

I want Brett Favre to listen to me and listen to me closely.

Don’t be like Tiger, don’t think your reputation can save you.  It’s 2010 and  this is an attention whoring drama filled society.  They are like sharks and you are just swimming in the ocean with a paper cut that it getting deeper and deeper.

There is blood in the water Brett, you need get out NOW!

He needs to come clean because it will only get worse.  The New York Post has spoken to the Jets massage therapist who claims Favre perused her even though she is married:

The married massage therapist, who does not want to be identified by name, was working part-time for the Jets during training camp in 2008 when she caught Favre’s eye.

She had been kneading one of the quarterback’s teammates when Favre, being rubbed down by one of her colleagues, shot her a glance, she said.

He was looking at me like I was a hanging slab of meat,” the woman told The Post.

The woman confessed to her husband immediately about the unwanted flurry of attention.

But the star quarterback allegedly contacted her the next day — the first in a seamy stream of phone calls, “e-mails and texts from Favre saying, ‘Why don’t you and your friend come over . . . I have all these bad intentions. ” according to her furious husband.

“I called Favre back myself,” the hubby said. “I was looking for an apology.”

But he didn’t get one. “I feel like this guy tried to screw my [expletive] family,” the husband said. “He’s a [expletive] scumbag.”

We have a very jealous husband and don’t get it twisted— that is why he is so heated. No man likes their wife to get hit on and they definitely don’t like for them to be hit on by millionaire athletes.

Favre just can’t stay silent like Tiger did because before you know it, he will be entering “sexting” rehab somewhere in Oklahoma.

You know Favre wished he retried now.

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