Golfer John Daly: “I Played Better When I Was Drunk”

I had a friend when I was at The Ohio State University who would get wasted the night before any big test and I kid you not, he would ace the test each time.

We figured he was either a genius or he was going to end up being a serial killer.

I might have to google him to see what he turned out to be.

I believe John Daly when he says that he played better when he was drunk. I am sure there is a scientific study for this, but for now we will let Daly explain it.

“I’ve done everything right and haven’t played worth a” darn, Daly said. “It’s unbelievable. I’m giving myself the chance to play good. It seems the more I work, the worse I get.” […]

Daly was asked what he’s learned about himself through the years.

“That I was happy when I was a miserable drunk. I played better when I was drunk,” he said.

Daly paused, smiled half a smile and gently shook his head.

“I don’t know,” he said.

My theory is that Daly was so liquored up when he played that he had no fear of failure. Golf is a mental sport— if your mind is free and you aren’t thinking so much, maybe being wasted could improve your play.

Someone get Tiger Woods a 40oz ASAP.

9 thoughts on “Golfer John Daly: “I Played Better When I Was Drunk”

  • I golf like I am drunk whether I have had an alcoholic beverage or not, so I might as well get drunk tooooo!

  • Like I said on twitter, Tiger just needs to play as if there's a Vegas waitress on the 18th green. Or maybe he should check out that one No Cal golf course that was busted for having prostitutes ply their wares at the turn:… Tiger would score a 57 on that course. Just sayin.

    • He is a free man

  • This is bull. Everyone knows John Daly is a University of Arkansas man…..he never went to THE Ohio State University except maybe to play in the NCAAs if they were held at Scarlet when John was in school.

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