It’s Official Randy Moss Traded to Vikings For 3rd Round Draft Pick

The one person who is not pleased this morning.


If you are Brady you just signed a huge extension and the team just traded away your best skill player for a random draft pick. One of the reasons I still rate Brady slightly higher than Peyton Manning is virtually throughout his career he has had to do more with less while winning multiple Super Bowls. He is going to have to do it again now and I know that is frustrating for him.

Great deal for the Vikings who were in desperate need of a game changing receiver. Brett Favre is probably doing cartwheels on his walker right now. Doesn’t see how it benefits the Patriots in any shape, form or fashion.

I don’t believe by addition by subtraction especially in the middle of the season.  If the Patriots wanted to get rid of Randy Moss they should have done it in the offseason.  It isn’t like the Patriots are struggling on offense.  They are 3-1, their defense is the concern and while a 3rd round pick is nice it doesn’t address the problems they are having.

I am sure details will leak about why the trade happened so suddenly.  Moss did want a new contract and has been flaky with his attitude this season, but that is how Moss has been his whole career.  Wasn’t like he was getting DUIs or slapping his wife.  For the Patriots to make their team considerably weaker they have been have a very good reason for this trade.

To me this screams more of a power play by by Bill Belichick and his philosophy that no one is safe.

Unfortunately though for the Patriots everyone in the AFC East are breathing a lot easier today.

There is second Patriot who is upset this morning.


Welker is a great player, but as someone mentioned on twitter you pay your #1 receiver big money, so your #2 looks like a #1. With Moss no longer in the fold defenses can now key on Welker who already takes a beating as it is.

If the Patriots make it to the Super Bowl I will take this statement back, but they were being hard headed trading one of their best players just because he was in a mood. That isn’t good business and I think it will come back to haunt them.

By the way Moss comes back to play the Patriots on October 31st Halloween.

6 thoughts on “It’s Official Randy Moss Traded to Vikings For 3rd Round Draft Pick

  • And despite the less than stellar "WR talent" he won SB's with them but couldn't win one with Moss.

    So maybe their defense was a bigger reason for their SB wins? Defense still wins championships.

  • That has got to be such a dissapointment for Brady!…And such a relief for Favre! This will only make the Pats worse and the Packers better…

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    • UGHHHH—obvious mistake by saying Packers…I meant the Vikings. :/

  • Rumor is Patriots are looking to acquire Vincent Jackson with the abundance of draft picks they have but if they don't, they probably won't even make the playoffs. That defense is young and were exposed by a 2nd year QB in Jets' Sanchez…But the Vikings just changed the entire dynamics of their offense! Wow!!! Every WR just got better & defenses still have to worry about AP all Day but there still is that Brett "20 Plus Interceptions" factor to worry about…Stay Tuned…!!!

  • Now is they could just find themselves a QB… 🙁 I hate to see Favre struggling…

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