JaMarcus Russell Won’t Be Indicted For Sippin on the Sizzurp

This isn’t surprising because even after Russell was arrested, his friend Marcus Stevenson was already taking the fall for him.

But after a few months of thinking reviewing the case  it has been decided JaMarcus will not be charged here are the details:

A Mobile, Alabama Grand Jury decided there was not enough evidence to indict the former No. 1 overall pick following his arrest in July 5th for possession of codeine syrup without a valid prescription, according to WKRG in Mobile.

When JaMarcus heard the news he shrugged.

Some think at some point Russell will get another shot in the NFL, I doubt it. I think he is content with the 30+ million he made in his brief career.

More likely he ends up on Top Chef, than back in the NFL.

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