Jenn Sterger Hires Lawyers LaRusso & Conway For “Lil Favre” Incident

Sterger has refused to speak to the NFL about the “Lil Favre” incident, but now she has lawyers and normally you don’t get a lawyer unless you are planning to make a move.

I don’t think Sterger cares about Favre getting suspended or whatever punishment the NFL might hand down.

I think she cares about Randy Moss likes to say:

“Straight Cash Homie”

If Favre doesn’t give her the money she wants, she will sue for sexual harassment.

Favre doesn’t want to deal with the PR nightmare, so he is probably pulling up the Brinks truck as we speak.

I had given Sterger the benefit of the doubt, because while she blabbed about Lil Favre to Deadspin and she sent the alleged voicemails and pics to friends, it didn’t appear that she wanted this to come out in public.

Now that people have gotten in her ear, she is trying to “cash out“.

If she really felt like she was being “Sexually Harassed” she would have reported it immediately when it happened two years ago, not after it received national attention.

Depending on your morals, you can say she is a snake or she is smart.

The point is that no matter how badly Favre wants this to go away, Miss Sterger just assured that the story has been extended to overtime.

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  • And this is why I can't take her seriously and as a woman while Favre is an idiot to put himself in such a stupid position she's no better and is ruining it out there for the real women who are sexually harrassed.

    • Should have just got an escort

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