Jenn Sterger Plans To Coorperate With NFL Investigation of Brett Favre

I pointed out yesterday that as long as no one was willing to go public in the “Lil Favre” situation, he would probably be able to get out of this.

Doesn’t look like that will be happening now.

Jenn Sterger whose conversations with Deadspin started this whole thing, is now planning to cooperate in the investigation.  Profootballtalk has more details:

NBC’s Peter King advanced the ongoing Brett Favre story by pointing out that former Jets sideline reporter Jenn Sterger will cooperate with the NFL’s review/investigation of allegations that Favre pursued her and sent inappropriate photos via text message in 2008, while both Sterger and Favre were employed by the Jets.

The fact that Sterger won’t be pursuing sexual harassment charges doesn’t matter; the Jets and the NFL have no choice but to investigate any hint of possible sexual harassment, and Sterger’s willingness to cooperate at a time when she has no legal obligation to do so will give the review/investigation more steam than it otherwise would have.

A few people have asked me why is this any of the NFL business?

While sending pics of “Lil Favre” maybe creepy, it isn’t criminal and no one has claimed sexual harassment.

The problem for Favre is that Miss Sterger and the other two women who have come forward worked for the Jets at the time.  Just because they didn’t report it, once it comes to light it has to be investigated.

Then there is the bigger issue of preferential treatment.

Roger Goodell just dealt with the Jets about their actions in the Ines Sainz situation. If these allegations are true against Favre and the NFL looked the other way, many will see it as them giving Favre a pass because he is Brett Favre.

All I wanted was for is it to be reported. I didn’t actually think (still don’t) that Favre will be disciplined in any way.

I figured the biggest punishment he would get was from his wife, not the NFL.  I don’t think you should be suspended for sending “package” pics and thirsty voicemails unless the young lady in question files a formal complaint.

If I was Favre, if he did it, he needs to admit it ASAP.  Tiger waited too long and it cost him.  The more you try to hide, the more that will surface and he needs to take the power away from Deadspin or anyone else who has “dirt” on him.

We all send dirty texts and a lot of men get caught.  At least he wasn’t caught cheating, so he needs to just own it, before it’s too late.

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  • You don't call that CHEATING……….If the women hadn't turned him down he would have followed through………..And these "alleged" acts would be evidence that he does cheat.

    Begging woman to come to your hotel room constitutes Cheating to me. No?

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