Jerry Stackhouse Signs With Miami Heat As an Enforcer

If the South Beach NWO was looking for an enforcer they have signed one now.

Jerry Stackhouse who has to be at least 73 years old now, is known in league circles as not the one you want to play around with.  With Mike Miller out until January with his wrist injury, Stackhouse will be glaring at opponents on the bench while Lebron is fighting with his twitter followers.

I consulted with the Basketball Gods, they are in favor of the signing.

On the basketball court, Stackhouse doesn’t have much to add except experience, but at this point the Heat just needs bodies to throw out there with the Bron, Wade and Bosh.


3 thoughts on “Jerry Stackhouse Signs With Miami Heat As an Enforcer

  • Negro please Stackhouse is past his b-ball and pugilistic primes. If anything ya boy is hella punchy at this point. Should be interesting though.

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