Lacharlesia Edwards Says LaceDarius Dunn Didn’t Break Her Jaw


I get it, Lacharlesia (where do they come up with these names) realizes that LaceDarius Dunn is the father of her child and a NBA prospect.

Sending him to jail could have an adverse affect on her life and her child’s life.

With that being said she should stop lying.  She says that her jaw isn’t broken but Sports By Brooks pretty much crushes that theory:

The victim was suffering from two fractures to her jaw, according the arrest warrant affidavit. The fractures were described as a left mandibular angle fracture and right mandibular body fracture.

Emergency corrective surgery was completed to fix the victim’s jaw. An eight-hole plate with eight screws was used to repair the left side fracture and a six-hole plate with six screws was used to repair the right side fracture.

I didn’t get a MD at The Ohio State University, but I am pretty confident that is a broken jaw.

Sounds like what happened to Anquan Boldin a couple years back when he was blasted by the Jets and had to get his face reconstructed.

But Miss Edwards has released a statement saying it is all a big misunderstanding. Here is what she had to say:

“My family and I are deeply disturbed about the misinformation and half truths that are being reported by media regarding the incident with my boyfriend (LaceDarius Dunn). He has never struck me during our long term relationship.

“What happened on the night of September 27 was an accident and I went to the hospital for precautionary reasons. I never expressed any interest in pressing charges nor will I in the future press charges on this incident.

“I am fine and my jaw is not broken as is being reported. My family and I wish to put this situation behind us. Lace and I will continue our relationship and raising our son in a good environment. I respectfully request that the District Attorney’s Office dismiss these charges, and further request that Baylor University lift their suspension.

As you know I don’t like to speak in absolutes and since I wasn’t there, it is possible that she is telling the truth.

Actually we know she is lying about not having a broken jaw, as far as her claiming Dunn didn’t hit her it is my personal opinion that is a lie as well.

I could be wrong, but that is just my feelings on the situation.

If that is the case he should be in jail, just because he has a nice jumper he shouldn’t get any special treatment.

I would caution Miss Edwards that while she is trying to protect Dunn, to remember most men just don’t hit just once, no matter how many time they apologize.


  1. Lacedarious and Lacharlesia? Are you *%&$ serious? Someone should have broken the jaw of their parents for giving such wack names. Maybe they were fighting about who had the dumber name? I wish ignorant black people stop giving their children these ridiculous names. It’s way past being cute or funny at this point.

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