Lamar Odom’s New Manager is Khloe’s Mom Kris Jenner

Sounds about right.

A lot of people think Khole brainwashed Lamar into marriage while he was smoking that Ricky Williams.

I, however, think the opposite. I think it is Odom who wanted to be a Kardashian.  Think about it. Before he got with Khloe, the only time anyone talked about Lamar Odom was when he was missing a layup (he is the NBA all time leader in missed lay ups).

Suddenly overnight, he was on the cover of US Weekly and had paparazzi following him daily.  He went from being an “athlete star” to a “pop star” —there is a big difference.

Do not underestimate what athletes will do to get in the spotlight. They are as vain as the women you call attention whores.

So I am not surprised that Khloe’s mom is handing his business.  Who better to push his cologne, er, brand? Here are the details:

Odom’s rep Eve Sarkisyan tells TMZ, “Kris Jenner now manages Lamar Odom.  He has asked her to manage him off the court a few months ago.”

We’re told the twosome already smell profit — according to his rep, “Their first project together would be his and Khloe’s fragrance which is set to launch next year.”

We’re told Kris’ other responsibilities include organizing Lamar’s paid appearances, setting up endorsement deals, and handling any other personal marketing activities.

I honestly believe at some point that Ron Artest will divorce his wife and get  married to Kim Kardashian.

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  • lol damn, they keep 'missed lay-ups' as a stat?

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