Lebron’s Manager Maverick Carter Sued by VaNeisha Robinson For False Imprisonment

If you recall, right in the middle of the Summer of Lebron, there was a controversy over a “Lebron Jersey Pendant”.

VaNeisha Robinson claimed she bought the pendant at a garage sale, then found out later it was worth $15,000.  She tried to sell it on Ebay, where she claims Maverick Carter lured her to his mother house and sent in the goons, allegedly.

(Lebron Associate Sends Goons To Recover Pendant from Vaneisha Robinson)

Miss Robinson is now suing Carter for the pendent and goon like behavior.  Here are the details:

TMZ has obtained a lawsuit filed by VaNeisha Robinson — in which she claims Maverick Carter and his mom staged a 9-man ambush to jack a $10,000 pendant she claims she bought at a garage sale for $5 back in 2005 thinking it was costume jewelry. Turns out, it was real.

Carter maintains the pendant was stolen from him roughly 3 years ago … and he had no idea where it went until he saw that Robinson was trying to sell it on eBay.

But in the suit, filed in Ohio, Robinson claims Carter concocted a diabolical plan to lure her into his home, insisting that LeBron would be present to make a deal — instead, she claims, a horde of 8 or 9 people held her in the house against her will and forced her to give up the bling.

Doesn’t this sound like the script to “Takers 2”?

No word if Lebron would be running through the streets with the pendent ala Chris Brown.

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  • Interesting that it got taken to this level. I did an interview with Vaneisha regarding the pendant its a two part 20 minute interview check it out at intheot.com Or look through Roberts archives as he reposted it as well.

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