Mike Shanahan Was Salty Devin Thomas Appeared in a Fantasia Music Video?

First let me say this is a solid song. When the Former American Idol winner is not hanging out with Married T-Mobile employees or faking suicides, she makes some good music.

I never knew Devin Thomas was in the video until today, and the suggestion that Washington Redskins coach Mike Shanahan was salty because he appeared in it seems absurd to me.

What he does on the off season with his free time is his business. I doubt that had anything to do with him getting cut or his on field production.  I hope not anyway.

ProFootballtalk has the details:

Specifically, after Redskins coach Mike Shanahan said Thomas needs to be more focused on football, Thomas told Steve Reed of CarolinaGrowl.com that Shanahan got annoyed with his offseason endeavors, including appearing in the music video for Fantasia’s “Bittersweet”.

“I’ll take that to heart, and now that I have a second chance, I’ll make sure I do everything professionally,” Thomas said. “I’m focusing on football. All that stuff can come later in life. I’m looking to just become a great receiver.”

All of this means nothing now because Thomas has been cut, but it speaks to a bigger issue of the type of control freak Mike Shanahan is.

There is a fine line between pushing your players to be the best they can be and being a dictator.

I would be annoyed if my coach was in my business like that.  My personal affairs should be non of his concerns unless it involved the police blotter.

If I wanted to shoot videos in the middle of the summer and I am not missing any mandatory sessions, he needs to keep his opinions to himself.

Shanahan’s Napoleon Complex, I think in the long will be a detriment to the betterment of the team.

You are the head coach not the police—stop handcuffing your players personal lives like they are Pacman Jones.

8 thoughts on “Mike Shanahan Was Salty Devin Thomas Appeared in a Fantasia Music Video?

  • this article SUCKS… if you think you can be a good football by not focusing then you are insane. Love DT but I hope him getting cut kicked his ass in the right direction. FOOTBALL IS FOOTBALL… Play for 10 years then do music videos or something else

    • How would you like if after you go off work I told you what to do when you got home.

  • Shanieis shanie, he has 2 rings and knows how to pick receivers. Rod Smith and McCaffrey, haha

  • DT was cut because of his terrible production over the last few years. His work ethic was weak and has been in question since being drafted by the Skins. Because of that, HIS BOSS/EMPLOYER, questioned his focus on and off the field… just like any other boss in any other profession would do. All of us get measured by our production in whatever field we are in. Period. Not only that, but if you are making millions of dollars, and want to keep making millions of dollars (a privilege most of the rest of us just dream of), you listen to your boss. Screw your pride. Pride doesn't sign your paycheck.

    This article is shallow and ignorant.

    • All that you said had zero to do with the point it isn't his business what he does on his free time. Stick to what is going the field.

  • Rob, you may have a point about Shanahan. LJ aka Larry Johnson was also in a Fantasia video and he was cut. I think Fantasia is the opposite of a Kardashians, while they bring you championships, Fantasia get you cut. Beware Ballers of the Curse of Fantasia!!!

    • I am trying to get in a Beyonce video

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